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Translation of Matsumura’s Apology on RECCOMEN! (2014-10-08)

Ikoma: We’re live from the Cultural Broadcasting Station. I’m Ikoma Rina from Nogizaka46 with…

Matsumura: Mastumura Sayuri. Here is our…

Both: RECCOMEN! (lit. recommendation)

Ikoma: Shall we get started? Matsumura Sayuri of Nogizaka46 has something to tell our listeners. Are you going to be okay, Macchun?

Matsumura: …Yeah. I’ll be okay.

Ikoma: I’ll be watching you from here, so [you’ll be okay]. Do your best.

Matsumura: Okay.

Matsumura: Um…let me start off by saying thank you for letting me use this time to talk to all of you. …I’m Matsumura Sayuri of Nogizaka46. (pause) Um…I think there are many who know what this is about. An article about me was released in this week’s Shukan Bunshun. (pauses) The things that were written in the article…. (pauses). There are a lot of things that aren’t true. Even I was surprised when I read the article. (pauses) I am truly sorry that I have caused trouble to all of the fans, members, and staff. I am very sorry.


The person I met with wasn’t someone I met through work. I was worrying [about something] and that was when he saw me on the streets. He called out to me. …I normally don’t do this, but I ended up going to dinner with him. We talked about anime, manga, and our hobbies. The two of us…weren’t in an intimate relationship at all.

The day that photo was taken, I was stressing out over a lot of things and ended up drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol. …When I look at the photos again, I ask myself why I did such stupid things like that. I can’t believe I did such stupid things like that. (starts crying)

I am so sorry.

When I met with that man, I hid a lot of things about myself and used a fake name. I didn’t know that much about him. I didn’t know he had a family. And to learn that from an article like this, I must apologize to his family who I caused so much trouble to. I feel terrible.

…How should I put this? I didn’t know much about him. I thought of him as a person who I could talk about my hobbies to. I personally…(sighs and pauses) I am very sorry that I have done something like this.

Because of this incident, I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused to all of you. I am truly sorry about this and feel terrible about it.

Ikoma: Were you able to say everything you wanted to?

Matsumura: I’m really sorry Ikoma.

Ikoma: Even I was surprised about the article. [Note: Ikoma speaks in third person here in the actual dialogue]

Matsumura: Me too. I can’t believe it.

Ikoma: Hm…well, we were able to hear what you wanted to say, and I think a lot of people are listening in right now. How these listeners are going to take this is going to vary by person to person. How they define “good” and “bad” are going to be different. I have a lot of thoughts about this too, but after hearing this from you in person, here’s what I think: you’re a friend who I’ve been with since the very beginning [of Nogizaka]. By “friend,” I mean you’re someone who I will support and protect—although I don’t know how well I can support you.

But you can’t change the past. All you can do right now is choose how you fight your battles. And after you’ve thought a lot about what happened, here you are sitting in this radio station apologizing to the listeners and staff. I can’t tell you what to do. I think there will be more stressful times ahead and you’ll cry a lot, but listen, I’ll be here to listen to your worries, your stories, and whatever else you want to talk about.

I mean, (laughs) I’m younger than you, Macchun, and there are some things I can’t help you with. But I’m here for you. If there’s something I can help fix, I’ll help fix it. You’ll be reflecting on your past actions, [and I know it’s going to be hard] but I’m here for you.

Yeah…I want you to look at yourself and be thankful for everything up until now. I mean our 10th single got released today after all. We’re not going to end here right now. And you, Macchun, you’ll be taking responsibility for our future events, [activities, concerts, etc.]. …Don’t worry it’s not just you who’s taking responsibility for the future of our group.

I’m going to make Nogizaka46 better. I’m going to put even more energy into the group! Let’s work hard together, okay?

Matsumura: Since this article got published, I haven’t been doing anything at all even while I was in my house. …I watched Nogizakatte Doko? at home and watched the 10th Single Hit Campaign at Mt. Fuji. After reading the member’s blogs, everyone wrote, “Let’s do our best!”

I kept asking myself why I did something this stupid? Why was I so dumb?

Ikoma: You dummy! You’re really a dummy.

Matsumura: I know. There are also fans who read the article and started commenting on my blog. …There are fans who wrote kind things, so…(pauses)

Ikoma: Well, let me just say this. Ikoma will always be on Macchun’s side. Let’s just keep working hard together. Let’s keep moving forward. I think working hard is the best option right now. What do you think?

Humans make mistakes after all.

Matsumura: I can’t believe I did this. I keep beating myself up over it. Why did I do something this dumb? I love my fans, and why did this happen during such an important time period [the 10th single]?

I can’t believe I did all of that. I am truly sorry.

Ikoma: I think Macchun has said what she wanted to say. Please continue to watch her from here on out. [Some people won’t be won over by words] so just show them. Show them [how dedicated you are]. Action over words.

The segment ends with Ikoma asking if Matsumura was really okay or not. It wasn’t that important so I left it out.

♡we’ll always support you, sayurin♡




apple princess




apple princess

« You heard about Sayurin scandal thing? How do you think? » — Anonymous


yes i’ve heard about it

i don’t think the evidence is very strong in all honesty seems like shukan has been getting desperate to expose nogizaka for a while

but even if it was true i would still support sayurin and the group

because whether the girls are dating or not dating is none of my business 

idols have to reveal so much about themselves i feel like something personal like a relationship they should be able to experience just like everyone else

as far as i’m concerned she’s innocent until proven guilty but even if she is guilty i’ll stand by her just like i did with miichan, murashige and milky

there are worse things going on in the world tbh



me as hell